America is going through an unprecedented moment in its recent history and we want to empower everyone - without bias towards age, race, sex, skin color, orientation, religion or lifestyle - to take pride on the impact each one of us brings to our country.

AMERICA IS NOT THE SAME WITHOUT ME is a fashion movement that embraces uniqueness, diversity and inclusion, promotes personal and collective pride, and empowers each individual to make a difference.

Our capsule collection of t-shirts and caps for everyone is a declaration of uniqueness, pride, freedom and inclusion.

You, the culmination of your ideals, your origins, your personality and your dreams matter, because individual action translates into collective power!


"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
~Winston Churchill

Inclusion is part of our motto, we chose to support totally diverse charities throughout the US and 10% of your purchase will benefit the charity of your choice. Follow the live fundraising tracker on our homepage!

America Is Not The Same Without ME, because I have a value and a voice to make the difference!



"Being born in the US opened a world of opportunities for me. Growing up in Latin America influenced my heart and sensibility. Becoming a designer and living in Europe defined my style"


Born in the US to exiled parents, a Cuban mother and a Nicaraguan father and based in Milano, Rosa Clandestino is an unconventional woman repeatedly appointed by VOGUE Italia as one of the next big in the fashion industry. In fact, when it comes to creating, whether a runway collection or a capsule of t-shirts, Rosa Clandestino never compromises the couture-tailoring of her pieces.

"I'm a detail maniac" she exclaims!

In the peak of her career the designer decided to reconnect with the real essence of life. "Why not be a protagonist for good and promote making a difference?" she wondered... and so the Fashion Movement 'Is Not The Same Without Me' was born.


"I would like to share a simple yet deep message through each one of the capsule collections created,
Life is Not the Same Without Each One of US!"